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America's Wall of Honor

The huge and amazing work of art that the Museum has commissioned is the magnificent 57'L x 10'H America's Wall of Honor, a traveling national monument which pays tribute to all members of the United States Military, and all of our nation's First Responders in both law enforcement and fire and rescue.

The monument includes the official Seals for the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and National Guard; along with the Presidential Seal for the Commander-in-Chief; and Seals for First Responders in both Law Enforcement and Fire and Rescue.


Wall Close Angle no lecterns.jpg
Updated Wall Illustration.jpg

Each and every Seal on America's Wall of Honor is constructed of hundreds of pieces of laser-cut stainless steel, welded into three-dimensional layers, powder coated for permanent color, and mounted on LED-embedded layers of acrylic glass.


Eagle 6o.jpg
PS All pieces 1 close.JPG

For example, upon completion, the Presidential Seal (for the Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Military) is made up of 607 pieces, 17 layers of stainless steel, three layers of glass, 53" in diameter, and weighs over 500 lbs. The other Seals are similar in size and equally elaborate in design.

army under construction.jpg
SEAL 2.jpg
SEAL 4.jpg

We commissioned our largest and most important work of art to be completed in 2022 by famous memorial artist, Timothy Lampros, who created the LAPD End of Watch traveling memorial wall that honors the 207 fallen officers of the LAPD.


eow wall headquarters.JPG
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