The Education and PTS Advocacy Center

Educating our Nation's Children and Grandchildren on the Importance

of Accurate American History, Patriotism, and Love of Country... 

Helping to Rebuild  Traditional Standards in Learning...

Helping Our American Heroes to Cope With and Overcome the Impact of Trauma

Topics and Exhibits for the Youth Gallery and Education Center

While on tour, and in its eventual permanent home, The Youth Gallery will be very interactive and educational in nature. It will be designed for youth of all ages through high school.  Some of the things that our young visitors will enjoy include:


Art for Everyone - This will be an area that allows children to participate in small and simple art projects that they can take home with them. It will encourage all children to participate whether they consider themselves artistic or not. Led by volunteer art teachers, visitors will be encouraged in creativity.


How to Be a Hero - The focus of this exhibit will be to emphasize the heroism of offering your life in the service of your community or your country, and risking your life for your fellow citizens. It will include information about the branches of the military as well as first responders, including stories of some of America’s heroes - told in a fashion appropriate for our young audience.


Patriotism 101 - This exhibit will talk about the uniqueness of our Nation and what makes it different and special - such as individual rights and freedom, the United States Constitution, our flag, the national anthem, why our nation is worthy of love and respect, and why millions of people every year want to come to America to participate in the American Dream.


Real American History - This exhibit will focus on the founding of our Nation, our Founding Fathers, the values and beliefs upon which America was founded, the Declaration of Independence, America’s leaders, and America’s contributions to the entire world.


Young Artists Featured - within the Youth Gallery will appear works of art that were done by young artists from throughout the Country, as well as art that focuses on children and teenagers.

Advocacy for American Heroes who Suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress


As most Americans are aware, the suicide rate among our Military and First Responder heroes is above average due to the impact of the trauma and stress they have experienced on duty. We refer to this as post-traumatic stress (not PTSD) because we agree that PTS is more often an injury, not a disorder. And calling it a "disorder" creates a stigma that can cause our heroes to avoid seeking the help they need to deal with the circumstances.

One of the goals of the Spirit of America Art Museum is to educate the public about trauma and how it impacts the lives of our heroes, and in many cases, their families. As the museum travels the nation on tour, we will let visitors know about the seriousness and complexity of this problem, and increase their passion to reach out and help anyone they can.

If a person feels supported by friends and family, it can reduce the risk of developing symptoms. It can also be helpful for a person to join a support group, so they can share their thoughts, fears and questions with other people who have also experienced trauma. Using healthy, positive coping strategies (such as exercise, meditation, playing a musical instrument, or caring for a pet) can also be helpful. As we raise funds through the Museum on tour, a portion will be donated directly to those non-profit organizations that are working directly with veterans and first responders to help them deal with their trauma.