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We are very grateful for our sponsors that make the building and tour of America’s Wall of Honor possible. Their investment proves that they honor the men and women who serve in every branch of our Armed Forces, and those who serve as First Responders in our individual communities. We encourage you to say thanks to these small businesses and large corporations by using their products and services.




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We are sincerely grateful to Mid-Plains Industries of Columbus, Nebraska, its Owners and Operations Manager, Matt Grabowski, who worked with us directly. Mid-Plains donated many sheets of stainless steel, but even more significantly, they provided unbelievably outstanding artisan laser cutting services. They created thousands of pieces used by our artist to create the Military and First Responder Seals for America’s Wall of Honor. In all our years of steelwork, we’ve never seen anyone that can follow artist designs and cut with pure perfection as Mid-Plains does.



Amer Fut Logo.jpg

America’s Future, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization led by its chairman, Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn, (USA Ret.) They have been preserving the cherished liberties of American citizens since 1946. Their mission includes protecting American values, revitalizing the role of faith, promoting family and community, promoting a free market, and educating American citizens. Their mission is a perfect match with our mission, and we are grateful for their very generous support of our project. We also encourage all Americans to fully support America’s Future!


We thank Lilja Corp, an international company that works with brick, steel, piping, millwrighting and rigging, and sheet metal.  We were served by the team in the Lilja Steel Fabrication plant in Lyles, TN. Their greatest contribution was the donation of materials and crew time to actually build the foundational steel wall that became America’s Wall of Honor. They offered to do that because steel fabrication is one of their unique specialties, and they wanted our artist to be able to focus on the much more complex works of art that were created in honor of our Military and First Responders. Not only did they build the foundational Wall, but they delivered it from their Tennessee shop to the Wall of Honor workshop in Omaha, Nebraska.

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Our thanks to Dave Lambert, Group President of North American Sales & Marketing for ITW Welding / Miller Electric Mfg. Co. of Appleton, Wisconsin.  In the shop, we just call them “Miller” and that’s the name that appears on all of our welding machinery and safety equipment.  Our artist, Tim Lampros, has used Miller welding equipment since founding the company, Art of Honor, and has always loved its performance.  We were thrilled to receive their support to help make America’s Wall of Honor possible. We found it amazing that Miller Welding not only donated welding and safety equipment to our shop, but they did the same for our steel sponsors, Mid-Plains Industries and Lilja Corp, to show gratitude to those sponsors for their support of the project.



We are very grateful to Andrew C. Sigerson, Founder of Legacy Design Strategies – an estate and business planning law firm in Omaha, Nebraska.  Andrew and his firm were our very first sponsors, before our artist even moved to Omaha. Andrew made it possible for Art of Honor to relocate from Los Angeles to the Heartland of America in Omaha in order to carry out this important national project that he believes in. Legacy Design Strategies’ mission is to help families design, share, and preserve their legacy for future generations, through careful legal planning and lifetime relationships. We recommend that every family in the Midwest use this firm to plan your estate, protect your wealth, and care for your loved ones.



We are extremely proud of the work of Kimberly Fletcher, Founder and President of Moms For America, and we are very grateful for all the ways she and her organization have supported our project. Most importantly, Moms For America shares our goals and mission for educating our nation’s children in the truth of American History, American Values, our Constitution, Faith, Family, and Freedom. Everyone should support Moms For America and their thousands of Moms throughout America! 

Our sincere thanks goes to Jim Laughlin (former Navy) and Jim Miller (former Firefighter), the owners of Midwest Powder Tec (MPT) in Omaha, Nebraska.  MPT is providing all the labor for steel prep, powder coating, finishing, and baking of the huge 55’ x 10’ steel wall that makes up the foundation of America’s Wall of Honor. Although we powder coat the pieces of the Seals, it requires a huge oven to handle the sections of the Wall itself.  We were very fortunate to find partners who not only have the huge ovens, but also stand with us in honoring our military and first responders.

The finest Super Mirror Black powders  being used for the Wall of Honor are being provided by another one of our outstanding sponsors, Columbia Coatings, of Columbia, Tennessee.  Columbia Coatings is an outstanding business that not only provides powders and other coating supplies, but a wide variety of powder coating equipment and ovens.  They are also graciously providing us with the powders that we use for the hundreds of individual stainless steel pieces that make up the Military, First Responder, and Presidential Seals.

Kern Laser Systems was founded in 1982 by Gerald Kern, with the main objective to design and manufacture top-quality industrial laser cutting and laser engraving machines to meet demanding production schedules. The company headquarters are located in the beautiful lakes country of Minnesota. Kern’s vision has always been to manufacture laser systems that will fit the customer’s needs, at an affordable price, with the versatility to suit a variety of industries. KERN IS A NAME YOU CAN TRUST.

With America facing a huge shortage of skilled workers, we are extremely grateful for SKILLWORK, a company founded and managed by Brett Elliott and Tim Raglin who provides great workers across the nation from the ranks of our Military veterans. For any American company that is facing worker burnout, overtime costs, missed deadlines, and lacking the ability to grow, SKILLWORK can help. We highly recommend their service and their skilled workers!


JEO CONSULTING is a truly impressive company with a massive number of skills and services including Civil Engineering, Architecture, Surveying, Construction Services, Environmental Services, Community Engagement, Project Visualizations, and much more. We intend to use JEO Consulting for the design and construction oversight of our permanent brick-and-mortar Museum and our Memorial Art & Trade School. In the meantime, Brad Wilken, who heads the JEO Project Visualization, has created amazing animations of our Patriot Thunder Tour. That has allowed our sponsors and patrons to envision what’s coming over the next 5 years throughout America!



A Club for small business and individual donors of $500 - $2500

Blanche Ferree - Omaha, NE
Caddyshack Bar & Grill - Jay Johnson - Omaha, NE
Cathy Lazarus - Manhattan Beach, CA
Dan Byers and Family - Newport Beach, CA
Deja Vu Lounge - Nikki Richardson - Omaha NE
Helping Hands for Senior Plans - Kurt & Carole Fricke - Omaha
Highlands Lawn Care Professionals - Omaha NE
Husker Hounds - Omaha, NE
John and Barb Mrosko - Gross Point, MI
Johni and Bill Hurst - Altadena, CA
Michelle Rodriquez - St. George, UT
Power Planter - Loda, IL
Rich Colton - Los Angeles, CA
Scotchman Industries - Philip, SD
Scott Berryman - Omaha, NE
Signature Performance - Omaha, NE
Tavern on Q - Bruce Anderson - Omaha, NE
Tim Higgins - Buffalo County NE Commissioner
Yard Market Nursery - Omaha, NE

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