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Join With Us!

Help us Make Art Real Again!

Help us Make Art Patriotic Again!

Help us Make Art Inspiring Again!

Why Join the Cause?


  • As a supporter, you will make a vital contribution to making art “real” again - understandable, identifiable, relatable, and uplifting. You will also contribute to the education of generations to come, teaching them about the real history and founders of America, democracy, freedom, and faith - concepts that seem to have been removed from much of our public education . The Spirit of America Art Museum will inspire artists to greater aesthetic heights, and will inspire people of all ages to love our Nation. 


  • The support you provide will be part of your legacy for your own family  for generations to come.


  • Since we are a new museum, building charter support, we can offer significant membership benefits, sponsorship opportunities, and even naming rights for individuals and businesses.

How to Participate


There are many ways to support the Spirit of America Art Museum:  

• Make a contribution now  
• Make a pledge payable over one to five years  
• Take advantage of one of the naming opportunities  
• Enlist other donors  
• Sponsor fundraising and awareness-building events  
• Provide pro-bono professional support 



The Spirit of America Art Museum’s need for funding begins NOW.  

Gratitude and Recognition


There are different levels of recognition for various donor categories. All donors will be recognized on the SOAAM website. Donors who fund naming opportunities will be fully recognized with appropriate signage in the museum. Programming, event, and sponsorship support will be recognized in all related materials. 


Patron Chart - SOAAM.jpg


The museum concept is sound - during both Phases of its development and growth.


During Phase 1 - Mobile Museum 5-year National Tour: 􀀁􀀂

  • The museum will travel with America’s Wall of Honor - a 55’x10’ Memorial Wall honoring all members of the U.S. Military and First Responders 

  • 􀀁The tour will include all 50 states and be visited by tens of millions of visitors in small towns, large ci􀀁ties, national parks, and special events 

  • 􀀁􀀂There will be strong support from Patriotic citizens and organizations 

  • 􀀁􀀂We will use the national exposure to raise money, through both donors and corporate sponsors, for the design and construction of the permanent museum 

  • We will sponsor national art contests and obtain works of art for our permanent collection and exhibits 

  • 􀀁􀀂We will engage an experienced project and design team as fundraising advances 

  • We will develop an experienced national advisory board

During Phase 2 - Permanent Museum:

  • It will be the only museum of its kind in the nation

  • The museum will be housed at the center of the Nation for easy access by all

  • Changing exhibits and inspirational programming will draw repeat visitors 􀀁􀀂

  • The museum will be sized appropriately

  • We will build an experienced curatorial and exhibit staff

The Spirit of America Art Museum is the only museum in the United States to showcase American artists as a group. It is also the only museum to restrict its exhibits to Realism Art, and to art that is pro-American history, values, and patriotism. 

This museum will help us recognize and celebrate the things that have made our nation great. Through works of great American artists, we will lead visitors to inspiration, celebration, and enjoyment of our cultural heritage - for our own lifetime AND for future generations.   

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